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Controller AquaLighter Device

aquarium controller

This product was removed from manufacture

Aquarium controller  is used to manage the level of illumination of lamps AquaLighter 3 and AquaLighter 3 Marine. Also the  temperature balance of freshwater/saltwater aquariums.

AquaLighter Device – total control over aquarium illumination!

When connected to a controllable lamp AquaLighter 3, it allows the creation of a light image similar to the intensity and color temperature of sunlight during the daylight hours.

Controller functions:

  • Shows the current time and temperature on the display.
  • The controller is operated/programmed using a 4-touch button on the outer panel.
  • Programming of a smooth change of brightness by 3 channels of controllable lamp AquaLighter 3, depending on the time of a day.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Thermal control of aquarium and lamp ensures Automatic ON/OFF of aquarium cooling fan Afan, depending on the indication of water temperature in the aquarium.
  • AquaLighter Device is connected to the Aqualighter 3 lamp series via the FireWire slot.

AquaLighter Device is connected to the lamp of AquaLighter series via the FireWire slot.

A straight 2-year warranty from the purchase date.

Technical characteristics

 Code 8454
 The number of control channels 3
 Size, mm 115x50x21