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AquaLighter Slim

LED lamp AquaLighter Slim is intended to operate above the water level and serves to illuminate freshwater aquariums. Movable fixtures allow you to use the lamp for aquariums of different lengths with glass thickness of up to 12 mm. The super bright LEDs manufactured by SAMSUNG company (Korea) are used as a light source in the AquaLighter Slim LED lamp. Unlike fluorescent aquarium lamps, AquaLighter Slim LED lamp creates a three-dimensional picture of the aquarium perception, simulating, natural sunlight. This makes possible to transmit a true picture of the colors of plants and fish i the aquarium, as close as possible to the one in a natural habitat.

The set of the LED lamp includes a controller that allows you to turn on/off as well as adjust the brightness using the RC remote control. Certified power supply with interchangeable plugs for all types of electrical networks (EU, AU, US, ENG).


  • World’s best efficiency 223 lum/ W SAMSUNG LED’S;
  • Stimulates plant growth;
  • High color rendering index;
  • Remote control;
  • Protection rate IP54

Code: 8787 (30 cm), 8788 (45 cm), 8790 (60 cm), 8791 (75 cm), 8792 (90 cm).