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AquaLighter NanoSoft

flexible lamp for aquarium

Flexible lamp for aquarium  AquaLighter NanoSoft for bowl aquariums up to 30 liters and square aquariums up to 20 liters (in comparison to PicoSoft up to 20 liters (bowl) and 10 liters (square) aquariums accordingly). It is the best solution for maintenance of simple plants, shrimp and fish such zebrafish, bettas, etc. in the small aquariums and florariums.

Flexible body of soft silicone allows the lamp to take any form and send the light beam in any direction. NanoSoft is made in 3 colors – black, white and yellow.


Reliable. Superbright 5 LEDs by OSRAM (Germany).

Fashionable design. The minimalistic silicone body with soft-touch effect looks stylish.

Universal. Flexible body allows to mount the lamp on aquariums of any shape.

Innovative. The magnetic mountings reliably fixes a lamp on walls with thickness up to 10 mm.

Technical characteristics

Code 87661 (black) 87668 (yellow)
LEds used OSRAM (Germany)
Luminous flux 250 lumens
Power 2,5 W
Powered by USB-port or AC adapter  (not included) 100-230 V/5V