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AquaLighter Nano Marine

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AquaLighter Nano Marine aquarium LED lamp is designed to illuminate marine and pseudo-marine aquariums of up to 25 liters volume. The lamp is extremely easy to mount and use.

The light sources in the AquaLighter Nano Marine are the super-bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany):

  • Cool-White LEDs with a color temperature of 6500-7000К
  • Blue LED with wavelength of 470 nм
  • Hyper Red LED with a wavelength of 650 nм
  • Royal Blue LED with a wavelength of 465 nм

The power supply of LED illumination lamp AquaLighter Nano Marine is provided by a DC driver at a safe rating of 24V, 350 mA.

For the first time in the world, an effective technology for removing heat, using composite ceramic radiators, is applied in illuminative lamps AquaLighter Nano Marine. Also, AquaLighter Nano Marine is waterproof; it utilizes a patented technology for protection from moisture and spray. With the transparent two-component sealant, the LED lamp could even withstand a short-term immersion into the water without any loss of its efficiency.

The unique design of LED illumination lamp AquaLighter Nano Marine does not distract you from observing the landscape of your aquarium.

The leg of AquaLighter Nano Marine allows you to place the lamp above an aquarium that has a wall thickness of up to 6 mm.

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The main advantages:

  • An ultra-modern revolutionary illuminative lamp: low power consumption, high efficiency, stunning look
  • Special coating. Soft touch.
  • For the first time in the world, a unique ceramic radiator is applied for cooling a Nano marine aquarium model. It cools effectively, in addition to being a part of an organic design.
  • There are 4 types of LEDs utilized in one illuminative lamp. It is the most abundant set of LEDs for this type of marine illuminative lamps in the world.
  • The super-bright LEDs from one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany), matches the needs of the most demanding marine animals. The light from the Nano lamp allows for the maximum possible detailed appearance of the colors of the fish and corals.
  • The mount of AquaLighter Nano Marine allows you to place the lamp above an aquarium that has a wall thickness of up to 6 mm
  • High rate of safety. Powered by a DC driver with a 12V voltage supply. Even a short-term immersion into water will cause neither damage to the lamp nor electric shock.
  • A duration of operation of up to 50000 hours. Low power consumption.
  • The 3D effect makes your aquarium look a lot more than it really is. A minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter Nano lamp produces a movement effect on the surface of corals and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It’s really impressive!

A straight 2-year warranty from the purchase date.

Technical characteristics

 Code  8228
 Voltage + frequency  АС 110- 230 V (50-60 Hz) DC 12 B, 350  mА
 Color temperature, K  12000-15000
 Power, W  6,5
 Luminous flux, lm  >430
 Size, mm  173x50x80
 Ingress protection rating  IP 67