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AquaLighter Marinescape

lights for fish tank

Aquarium LED lamp AquaLighter Marinescape is intended to operate above the water level. Also serves to illuminate marine and marine imitation aquariums with a glass thickness of up to 12 mm.

The super-bright highly reliable new generation LEDs manufactured by the company OSRAM (Germany) are used as a light source in the AquaLighter Marinescape lamp.

The light channels in the lamp Aqualighter Marinescape are:

    • “Blue” channel – blue LEDs (Blue 465nm) and deep blue LEDs (Deep Blue 450nm).
  • “Cool White” channel – LEDs with a color temperature of 6500K, and blue LEDs (Blue 465nm).

The specially selected range of LEDs helps to successfully contain the majority of species of marine animals. This makes possible the transmission of a true picture of the colors of corals and fish in the aquarium—as close as possible to the one in a natural habitat.

Remote Control Functions:

  • Turn on/off the lamp
  • Change the color temperature of light from 10000K to blue light with a wave length of 455-460 nm
  • Change the brightness from 10 % to 100%


  • Controlled. The remote controls all lamp functions over the radio channel at a distance of 10 m. You can simultaneously control multiple lights with one remote.
  • EFFECTIVE -Significantly brighter than other aquarium lights. Provides natural shades in the aquarium. Low power consumption. Low operating costs.
  • SAFE – Moisture and splash-proof housing. Low voltage. Does not emit harmful substances at all stages of lifecycle—production, usage, and disposal.
  • DURABLE -Resistant to voltage drops in the network. Up to 50 000 hours of continuous operation.

It is perfect set for aquariums of aGLASS series.

A straight 2-year warranty from the purchase date.

Technical characteristics

  30 cm 60 cm 90 cm
 Code 8784 8785 8786
 Voltage АС 110- 230 V (50- 60 Hz) / DC 12-36 V
Frequency 350 mА 700 mА 1050 mА
 Color temperature,  K 10000-14000
 Power,  W 10 20 30
 Luminous flux, lm 570 1150 1720
 Size, mm 280x52x13 580x52x13 880x52x13
 Max aquarium length, cm 45 82 110
Ingress protection rating IP54