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AquaLighter 3

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This product was removed from manufacture

AquaLighter 3 is an external, professional-level aquarium LED lamp designed for freshwater aquariums.

The light sources in the AquaLighter 3 are super-bright LEDs manufactured by of one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany).

Independently controlled channels of AquaLighter 3:

  • 1st and 3rd channels: cool white LEDs with color temperature up to 7500K
  • 2nd channel: warm white LEDs with color temperature of 3000K, Hyper Red LEDs with peak emission at wavelengths 649−666 nm.

LED-lamps AquaLighter 3 are produced in three sizes: 30, 60, and 90 cm.

The carefully selected combination of LEDs promotes a comfortable habitat for the majority of fish and plants. Our AquaLighter 3 LED lamp features a 3-channel lighting control scheme which allows creating a photic image, imitating natural underwater illumination ranging from sunrise to sunset. With AquaLighter 3, it is easy to setup all known aquarium types, such as Aquascape, Tanganyika, Malawi, and many others. It is possible to manage lamp’s channels with the help of an external light and temperature controller AquaLighter Device. The external controller is connected to the lamp through the slot FireWire located on the front panel. The AquaLighter Device allows you to create different types of illumination such as “Sunrise-Sunset,” “Moon,” and so on, and entirely change the color temperature (from cool white to warm light, with a strongly marked peak in the red area of the spectrum).

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The main advantages:

  • LED lamp of professional level
  • Super-bright LEDs from one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany).
  • Carefully selected LEDs create a spectrum that meets the demands of the most capricious freshwater aquarium plants.
  • Absolute control! There are three independent LED channels that allow the aquarist to change the spectrum of illumination themselves, depending on the task. Also, using the control device, you may simulate daily light activity: sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and others.
  • Does not require active cooling during extended use at full capacity.
  • 3D effect: a minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter lamp produces a movement effect on the surface of plants and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It’s impressive indeed!
  • Extremely safe: a 15V voltage supply.
  • Efficient. Trouble-free operation up to 50000 hours guaranteed by the LED manufacturer. Low power consumption.

It is perfect lamp for aquariums of aGLASS series.

A straight 2-year warranty from the purchase date.

Technical characteristics

  30 cm 60 cm 90 cm
 Code 82421 82431 82491
 Voltage  + frequency АС90-230 B (50-60 Hz) DC 15B/2A            DC 24B/2A                DC 36B/2A
 Color temperature,  К 6500
 Power, W 19 36 52
 Luminous flux, lm 2150 4300 6450
 Size, mm 280 x 75 x 33 580 x 75 x 33 880 x 75 x 33
 Max aquarium length, cm 45 82 110
 Ingress protection rating IP 40