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Nano Set

10 l aquarium Nano Set

This set is perfect for keeping non-complicated species of plants, shrimps, and small fish.

The set includes:

  • aquarium 10 liters volume made from ultra-transparent glass.
  • a cover glass and a mat for secure installation
  • aquarium lamp AquaLighter Nano
  • internal filter

The set includes:

Aquarium aGLASS 10 liters volume made from ultra-transparent glass.
The ultra-transparent glass, neat seams from transparent silicone, and perfectly finished edges (which are smoothed, polished, and have a chamber at 45°) make the aquarium a piece of art! This aquarium will leave no one indifferent!

The delivery set includes a cover glass and a mat for secure installation. The cover glass prevents fishes and shrimps from jumping off the aquarium, and it also reduces water evaporation. The polyurethane mat accommodates the slight surface imperfections of the place of installation.
Glass thickness is 5 mm. Dimension of the aquarium: 220x220x220 mm.

Aquarium lamp AquaLighter Nano

The black elegant LED lamp is a real decoration of the aquarium! It is specially designed for aquariums of up to 25 liters volume.
Its power and spectrum of light are sufficient for the majority of widespread undemanding aquarium plants.
The color temperature is identical to daylight; this ensures that your aquarium looks natural, with fish and plants appearing bright and attractive.

10 l aquarium wholesale

 Lamp’s advantages:

  • Ultra-modern revolutionary illuminative lamp: low power consumption, high efficiency, stunning look.
  • Super-bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany), matches the needs of the majority of widespread undemanding freshwater plant species. The colors in the aquarium look as bright and brilliant as possible with a Nano lamp.
  • The mount of AquaLighter Nano allows you to place the lamp above an aquarium with a wall thickness of up to 5 mm.
  • High level of safety and reliability. Powered by a DC driver with a 12V voltage supply. Even a short-term immersion into water will cause neither damage to the lamp nor electric shock.
  • The duration of its smooth operation is up to 50000 hours. Low power consumption.
  • The 3D effect makes your aquarium look much bigger than it really is. A minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter Pico lamp produces a movement effect on the surface of plants and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It’s really impressive!

Internal filter
The filter is sufficient for an aquarium of such a large volume and wonderfully deals with its main function in the aquarium—mechanical filtration of water.

A straight 36-month warranty on aquarium’s seams and 24 months on equipment from the purchase date.

We also recommend you to buy aquarium heater aHEATER.

Technical characteristics

Code Aquarium size, mm Volume, l LED-lamp  Filter
Nano set 7142 220x220x220 10 AquaLighter Nano +