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Nano Marine Set

marine fish tank

Nano  Marine Set  includes marine fish tank 15 liters. Aquarium set for office and home. A perfect choice for small marine fish, small marine shrimps and crabs, marine snails, soft and LPS corals. It is an excellent choice for pseudo-marine aquariums.

Nano marine Set makes the dream of a marine aquarium an available reality!

Set includes:

  • an aquarium with a volume of 15 liters
  • cover glass
  • polyurethane mat
  • elegant, innovative LED lamps Aqualighter Nano Marine
  • filter

Set includes:

An aquarium with a volume of 15 liters, made of super transparent glass that makes a line between the outer and inner world thinner. Perfect geometry, the thinnest seams, polished edges—the highest quality is in harmony with the interior decoration, and nothing distracts you from the contemplation.

The cover glass prevents the fish and shrimps from jumping out from the aquarium, and it also reduces excessive water evaporation. The polyurethane mat protects the furniture and the aquarium bottom from damage and smooths small irregularities of places of installation.

The elegant, innovative LED lamps AquaLighter Nano Marine embodies the latest developments in aquarium lighting systems. The super bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany), are two times brighter than the conventional fluorescent lamps; they consume less power, and their service life is more than 10 years. The power and light spectrum are chosen with regard to the needs of marine animals, including the most demanding.

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 AquaLighter Nano Marine advantages:

  • The ultra-modern revolutionary illuminative lamp: low power consumption, high efficiency, stunning look.
  • Special soft touch coating.
  • For the first time in the world, unique ceramic cooling radiators are used on a model for marine aquariums—they are effectively cooled, in addition to being a part of an organic design.
  • There are 5 types of LEDs used in this illumination lamp. It is the most abundant set of LEDs for this type of marine illumination lamps in the world.
  • Super-bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world’s leaders, OSRAM (Germany), matches the needs of the majority of widespread undemanding freshwater plant species. The colors in the aquarium look as bright and brilliant as possible with a Nano lamp.
  • The mount of AquaLighter Nano allows you to place the lamp above an aquarium with a wall thickness of up to 6 mm.
  • High rate of safety and reliability. Powered by a DC driver with a 12V voltage supply. Even a short-term immersion into water will cause neither damage to the lamp nor electric shock.
  • The duration of its smooth operation is up to 50000 hours. Low power consumption.
  • The 3D effect makes your aquarium look much bigger than it really is. A minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter Pico lamp produces a movement effect on the surface of plants and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It’s really impressive!


The set is completed by an efficient external filter which provides a mechanical treatment of water, making it crystal clear.

A straight 2-year warranty on the LED-lamp and 1 year on aquarium’s seams from the purchase date.

We also recommend you to buy aquarium fouling protection NanoClear.

Technical characteristics

Code Aquarium size, mm Volume, l LED-lamp  Filter
Nano set 7142 220x220x220 10 AquaLighter Nano +