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LumiSet 5L – an unusual aquarium set for a beginner aquarist! A unique aquarium with light accumulative seams will allow you to enjoy an unusual view even after turn off the light! LumiSet is an excellent solution for keeping undemanding plants, shrimps and fish, small fish, betta fish, glofish and creating florariums.

The LumiSet 5L includes:

  • Aquarium 17x17x17 cm (5l);
  • LED lamp AquaLighter PicoTablet;
  • Cover Glass;
  • Padded mat


  • Glow in the dark!;
  • Compact size;
  • Ultra-clear glass.

Code: 7145.

Code 7145
Size 17x17x17 cm
Volume 5 l
LED lamp AquaLighter PicoTablet