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Aquarium farm kit for growing plants at home. aFARM gives you the opportunity to maintain a freshwater aquarium and grow moisture-loving ornamental plants at a new level.
Aquatic animals emit toxic waste products: nitrogenous, potash, phosphorus compounds, carbon dioxide. The accumulation of these substances in water is a major problem in a simple aquarium and for the inhabitants themselves. But, these same substances are absolutely necessary for growing plants. 

In the aFARM aquaponic set, this problem is solved by itself: fish vital products come directly from the aquarium into the plant container, purifying the water and giving maximum nutrients to the plants.

aFARM enlivens the interior! Black back wall will hide the wires and add contrast to the aquarium composition. The special shape of the aquarium with beveled edges creates aesthetic interest in the room. Also, this form makes it easy to maintain the required water level, because this makes flooding of the farm impossible.

The kit includes:

● Aquarium 250*250*250mm, 13L
● Polyurethane padded mat
● Plant container
(for aquariums with glass thickness up to 6 mm)
● Internal filter, 4W, IP 68
● LED lamp, 4W, 6500K, IP X8
● Power supply 12V 1A
● Self-adhesive plastic wire holder – 2 pcs.
● Manual